Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Little Bit Better, but More of the Same

So I'm back. I was hoping to write some last night but what do you know as I was doing my homework, my computer froze up on me. GREAT right?? blah just my luck. Lucky for me one of my roommates let me borrow a computer so I was able to finish it. I didn't want to take too long with using the computer so I didn't get on. It is awesome to see that I actually got a follower. THANK YOU FOR BEING INTERESTED! So yeah yesterday really sucked. Today started out early. For some reason I woke up at 630-7ish and I couldn't get back to sleep. I wanted to so badly, not because I was having a good dream, its because I wanted to dream about something else and just curl up, snuggle in and stay warm not getting up. Well I did that for about 10mins and decided the sun was being too much of a jerk and got up. I tried my computer again and yeah its still not going anywhere. I can't wait for my neighbor to start feeling better and come home so that he can help my computer feel better. Also it would be fun to hang with him some more. ANYWAYS, so yeah started getting ready for work and stuff with the puppies blah blah blah, haha yeah they cause trouble. I helped out with them a little bit. So I get to work today, almost freaking out thinking I'm going to be late, and lucky for me I had 5 more mins. YEAH ME!!! So I get to work. I knew today was going to be long, 7 hrs. My first 7 hrs working there. I love my coworkers. They are so much fun!! So yeah things at work went by smoothly, and then next thing I know I am being asked if I could stay an extra hour to help out. I was surprised but I stated yeah not a problem. I am happy to help out. So I worked my extra hour and came home. It was a really nice walk. I enjoy living close hahaha. So here I am pretty much, its almost 10pm, homework is done and I'm curled up, well as much as I can with a laptop on my lap, on the loveseat watching video games being played thinking about possible bed. So it looks like I will end this hear for tonight. I hope all is well out there with you guys. Have a great night and hope to get the chance to blog tomorrow...I miss my computer :(


  1. sorry I don't have a quote for today. I had some saved on my computer :(

  2. Welcome to the blogging world. I just started mine this year. Its fun and addictive. I just write about whatever I feel like, what I feel like talking about, venting, sharing etc.
    I hope you get your computer fixed soon.
    Looking forward to reading more of you on here.